An Unarmed Soldier – Story Telling Series

Some young soldiers who had recently joined the army were being trained in modern ways of fighting, one of the things they were shown was how an unarmed man could trick an armed enemy and take his weapon away from him.

First one of their two instructors took a knife away from the other using only his bare hands; then he took a rifle away from him in the same way.

After the lesson, before they went on to train the young soldiers to do these things themselves, the two instructors asked them a number of questions to see how well they had understood what they had been shown.

One of the questions was this: “Well,you know now what an unarmed man can do against a man with a rifle. Imagine that you are guarding a bridge at night and then you have a rifle. Suddenly, the enemy soldier is coming towards you. What will you do?

The young soldier who had to answer this question thought carefully for a few seconds before he answered,then he said; “Well, after what I have just seen, I think that the first thing I would do would be to get rid of the my rifle as quickly as I could so that the unarmed enemy soldier couldn’t take it from me and kill me with it!