If you have the right mindset, you can accomplish anything

On this podcast Eduardo Vieira teaches us that teaching is as much a calling as it is a profession.  As a profession, its often a career that will not often attract the best and the brightest to become teachers because the pay is low and the frustrations and demands are high.

So many people who may at heart be “born teachers” spend some of their adult life in other professions. If this is your story, you may be coming to a place in your life when that inner teacher is struggling to get out and get you into the career you of teaching young people full time.

The good news is that in this modern time, much progress has been made to offer you a way to get the degree, the education and the certification to make that transition from your current career to a life of a teacher with little disruption to your life.  One such way is to get your teaching degree from an online university as a remote student  In that way, you step through all of the requirements for your degree using the internet and event.

All these things are not a bed of roses and if you listen to the interview how Eduardo overcame the hardship of being an English teacher what he has been doing now for a living.

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