You don’t have to please your employees all the time

On this podcast where I interview Renato Thompson, he teaches us that you may be in Mail Order, Direct Mail, or you may be a local merchant with 150 employees; whichever, however or whatever—you’ve got to know how to keep your business alive during economic recessions.

Anytime the cash flow in a business, large or small, starts to tighten up, the money management of that business has to be run as a “tight ship.”Some of the things you can and should do include protecting yourself from expenditures made on sudden impulse.

We’ve all bought merchandise or services we really didn’t need simply because we were in the mood, or perhaps in response to the flamboyancy of the advertising or the persuasiveness of the salesperson. Then we sort of “wake up” a couple of days later and find that we’ve committed hundreds of dollars of business funds for an item or service that’s not essential to the success of our own business, when really pressing items had been waiting for those dollars.

Listen to it and se how the whole thing can be sweet only if you decide to do what you gotta do!

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